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The injury that made me change my lifestyle


I was having trouble walking and I was having falls, one day I fell over and my ankle wasn’t right. I went to the physio the day after and I had sprained my ankle and my calf was pretty damaged from my walking over the years. I was very very sorry for myself and I was wondering would I ever walk again? To keep busy whilst stranded in an armchair or sofa, I started reading books to keep my mind off the injury. I used to love reading as a child, using it again to escape the world. Then I stopped, and I don’t know why. It’s the worst thing I’ve done.

I continued to practice yoga and meditation throughout the whole ordeal, to keep me fit and somewhat healthy. I was going to physio once a week for several weeks until my calf was healed and then, I started to think about getting a walking frame to help me walk. The walking frame is now on order. When I get it, I hope to get fit and get moving again.

Reading has become an essential part of my day, especially my mornings. I used to turn my iPad on as soon as I opened my eyes, but now I have made a decision to not turn on my iPad before I have breakfast and opting to omit my 7:30 sleep in for a 30-minute read. I’m now getting out of bed in a much better frame of mind and I’m pretty content with life.

Reading and exercising used to be my nemesis but now they are my friends.

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