Newcastle Show experience part two

Ever wonder what it’s like working on a movie set or TV show? Well, I’m now doing that for a living, well, not entirely. I do some volunteer work for Newcastle Regional Show in the media department. My role is a writer, typing up articles and researching what assignments I have been given.

It’s not only reporting, but it’s also much more than that. I also receive a bit of education to be a better writer, which was part of why I wanted to get a position in media. I’m not the university type person nor have I studied tertiary education. Usually, Newcastle Regional Show hires university students to assist the media manager, so I was coming into it as a writer who runs a blog, and the only education she has is her books. I have always thought about working with someone with more experience than me so I could learn from another person other than myself.

I used to think being a writer was boring and not that glamorous.  After the success of The Zebracorn, I thought I would have a shot at graphic design. Although I achieved a debut in the Sydney Royal Easter Show, I didn’t hit the heights that I had when I released my children’s picture book, so it wasn’t worth hanging around, I had to move on.  My sister went to Kenya just before Christmas last year, and I got a bit depressed at the fact that there would be one empty chair at our Christmas table. So, to help myself cope I took writing back up, writing small fiction pieces to pass the time and found my writing groove again.


Next on the agenda was how to more or less, convert my skills into something that I could help somebody. Writing articles and recording Information is something that nobody has time to do these days especially in small, mainly volunteer-run businesses like the Show, that has only a few paid positions.   I am passionate about rural life and community events, especially the Show that mixes both, so it was a perfect fit for me.  I had a job interview, and as they say, the rest is history.

Some of the things I have learned have improved my writing no end, including how to condense a whole subject into something like 200 words, lessen my usage of exclamation marks and meet strict deadlines. The experiences I’ve had over the past month have been nothing short of amazing, and I have met some extraordinary people who I have been inspired by, especially our first female President, Lauren Haskins.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work in such a unique environment where I can combine all my passions and work my magic in a capacity that doesn’t show my disability. And that is what I love about being creative and in particular, a writer – there’s no right or wrong, able-bodied or not, it’s what you feel inside.

My advice –  anybody can do anything, but do it from the inside out, and you will always shine!!



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