Life Stories

Friends Forever

I went to Lambton Public School for integration for most of primary school. I also commenced Girl Guides towards the end of year five, leaving me with a decision to either give up my dream of Girl Guides alongside my cousin or finishing primary school alongside my classmates I had been with since year one. I chose to be a Girl Guide, sadly leaving LPS without saying farewell.

I gained my Baden-Powell award in 2006, and subsequently graduating Guides. Once I graduated, I missed the friendships I had with my classmates and felt like something was missing. Since then I have searched on and off for my Lambton school friends and kept it on the quiet in case I never found them. I wanted to reconnect with my classmates, I wanted to get my group of friends back together.

I often wondered what it would be like at the year six farewell, year ten and year twelve formal, getting glammed up and dancing the night away with my friends.

Even at my own year twelve graduation, I vaguely recall standing on the stage feeling empty knowing people like Mat, Brendon, Bronwyn, Sam and Brock, weren’t there beside me. People who were there on the night wouldn’t have known – I hid it well.

Even watching high school films such as High School Musical and Grease, sparked questions. Would school life be any different, would I have excelled better and would I have the movie ending of everyone skipping out the school gate together, remaining friends forevermore.

The fear of being forgotten stopped me from getting into contact. I was afraid my friends wouldn’t remember me, so I faced the fact – I had Buckley’s chance of it ever happening. So I was quite upset about it all for a long time but I moved on, without getting closure.

One night as I looked at Instagram, as I do, I saw someone I remembered named Mat. So I tapped ‘follow’, unbeknown to me, that the missing puzzle piece was going to drop into the space. My life was about to change forever.

I received a message from Mat, asking if I went to Lambton, and I felt like bawling my eyes out in happiness. I replied with shaky fingers, and I said yes I did. I couldn’t believe it, I found someone who went through primary school with me. I still cannot believe people remember me and I am now in contact with a few people who I haven’t seen for nearly eighteen years and I now feel like I’m complete, because I’m reunited with my friends I thought I would never find – the people I grew up with.

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