Easter Show – why I go every year

I have been going to the Sydney Royal Easter Show for a few years and I sometimes get asked why I go for three days every year. Nearly everyone goes on an annual holiday, and the Easter Show is my annual getaway, mostly with my friends. I always have loads of fun and lots of laughter is shared.

I stay in a nearby budget hotel, and I am a member of the Royal Agricultural Society, which may sound expensive but the joy it brings outweighs the money I outlay. My membership benefits include unlimited entry and reserve seats in each area.

It’s like a mini community, regular stall holders, entertainers and Show patrons develop friendships, you come across visitors from all walks of life and somehow, in the midst of the busyness – everyone gels together. Kindness gets kindness, friendliness gets friendliness and everyone is on a level playing field. Nobody is above anybody else, and I feel like I belong.

That feeling is sensational, especially for a person with a disability.

Being a creative, I also use this time to network with people who inspire my work and share my work with my friends who I meet. Last year was the first year I networked and it was a split second decision and I absolutely loved it. This year I came prepared, I bought a few copies of my children’s book to distribute to my friends to just say thanks for your friendship etc. I truly believe that if someone gives you something, even if it’s just the time of day, you should give them something back to reciprocate their actions.

I will be blogging about this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show in the next post as well as a post on Life + Style showcasing a product I’m absolutely in love with that I bought, as I am positive you will love it and want to buy one as well!


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