Music makes my world go round

Music is my way of navigating this crazy world.

I love music,  it’s basically my life.  I can’t live without my music and when I can’t listen to it, it feels like I am more or less,  suffocating.

I know that’s a bit excessive, but I want to paint a picture for you to let you know why music is so important to me. Few of you may know I have depression and anxiety, I don’t talk about it much,  because it’s irrelevant to what I write about, but today it’s the nucleus of the explanation why music is so important.

I listen to music all day, musical theatre is my favourite genre because I love the going to theatre shows and it’s fun to remember good days. Besides music, Disney is my other obsession and I have lots of Disney music on my phone.   I currently have 2,846 songs on my iPhone and I also have Spotify, which is a subscription streaming app.

My anxiety is controlled, but my main trigger is noise. I’d admit I’m getting better, as I can now watch fireworks without my ears being covered.  At one stage, I held my mother’s hand at Disney On Ice, my fear of pyrotechnics outdid my love for Disney, but now I just dance.

I couldn’t wear earphones or headphones for a very long time, as I needed earmuff-style ones so my ears were fully enclosed to avoid the speakers falling out of my ears. I started with over-ear headphones, then on-ear,  now I can wear Bluetooth headphones and I take them everywhere I go, on the bus, working in a noisy environment and on car trips.  I opt for bright coloured headphones so I can find them easier and let’s face it, how many people on this Earth wear black headphones?  A lot.  Boring.

People often ask me why I’m so addicted to music.  I have always loved music, and music is an outlet that I can access In the same way everybody else can.   No ramps, no elevators,  no back door entries, music is a medium everybody can enjoy in the same way.

You could say, music helps me feel just like everybody else. It doesn’t really; it scratches that ‘itch’, the yearning to be just like friends and family.

I guess the message I’m trying to get across is I’m not being rude, I’m just trying to make sense of this world,  and music helps me think clearly.  Music makes my world go round, and my world rocks!

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