My Top Ten

My Top Ten: Obsessions


    1. Disney – in particular, Mickey Mouse.
    2. Music – you deny me my headphones, we aren’t friends.
    3. YouTube – I love watching TV shows from my childhood, tutorials and music videos.
    4. Yoga – a Monday ritual.
    5. Chocolate – it’s amazing how a little brown edible rectangle can provide so much happiness.
    6. My iTunes account – has to always have credit in it and I keep topping it up, so it constantly has at least $20 credit in it.
    7. Bags – I’m a woman, what do you expect?
    8. Morning Cuppa – A simple little cup of tea after breakfast makes a big difference
    9. Reading and writing –  reading is how I relax, and writing is how I communicate best
    10. My imagination – for me, creativity is the essence of life and how I escape the world around me

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