Disney – the miniseries: Part Two – My Fantasy World

Most teenagers don’t like Disney, Disney is strictly for kids under ten. Not for me, I believe that Disney is for everybody regardless of how old they are.

I was just a lost teenager growing up in Newcastle in despair. I wanted to get to Disneyland at any cost – like any other kid. Disneyland was the ultimate dream. I cried when someone I knew went over, screaming in pain because it wasn’t me. I was distraught because it should have been me. Nobody had waited longer than me, so I virtually outranked everybody.

I didn’t have any other real interests besides Mickey, Disney and footy. I lived and breathed Disney. Lunchboxes, backpacks and clothes were just the tip of the iceberg. My favourite Mickey plush toy sat on my bed, pride of place surrounded by my other Mickey toys. I still take him to bed now, because again I know no different.

In the next instalment of this particular series, I will recount the most important week of my life – the week my Disneyland dream came true.

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