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Firstly, I’m going to lay it all bare, I’m a radio connoisseur and I love smooth voices and great tunes!  Lately, I’m a bit peeved with the stations because a fair chunk of the programs are based in Sydney and aimed at the Sydney audiences. In my honest opinion,  this isn’t fair for those who support local radio and its content.

The question I ask; Is Newcastle radio losing its local touch?

I used to be an avid local 2HD and KO-FM listener and I used to have a old transistor radio.  I used to listen to the Breakfast show on KO-FM and listened to 2HD during my school lunch hour.  Later on in my early twenties, I switched to ABC Newcastle after I listened to Carol Duncan at my Nanna’s house when I was roughly nineteen.

Carol was a brilliant broadcaster during her time at the ABC and had a huge, loyal fan base.  Sadly, back in 2014, our beloved Afternoons program was cut due to the ABC’s funding was reduced.  We lost a great asset that year and I can vividly remember being in the studio as the very last Afternoons went to air,  with my Nanna firmly in my mind.  She wouldn’t stand for this,  and I remember looking up to the Heavens and silently saying “We tried, and I’m sad we couldn’t save it”.  But I had to move on, to another radio station to try and reaffirm my beliefs that there still was a radio station broadcasting local content.

A fair few friends recommended 2NUR, an easy listening station run by the local University.  I started listening, mentally ticking the boxes of what I expected in a radio station.  I remember thinking, and even now I still think when I’m listening, “is this too good to be true?”.   I can keep up to date with local news, weather, traffic and current issues in our community whilst listening to great tunes – most of the songs I know!

Now I do most of my work at home to 2NUR and it makes my work-from-home day flow much easier and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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