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App review: Zinnia Journal

My very first Zinnia page

As most of you are staying in, you probably know how I feel. Sluggish, bored and a bit anxious about what’s going on in our world. How are you keeping busy during this time? I have been flexing my creativity muscles and I have been journaling. At the beginning of this year I started off a OneNote planner  and journal as the system I was using wasn’t as flexible as I needed it to be and I needed to save my money because I was planning an exciting year ahead since I am turning thirty (And now that plan is out of the question ). My requirements changed so my method had to be changed.   

I am an avid user of Pixite apps, especially Assembly. I was making all my templates and stickers myself to use in  OneNote, I was posting my stuff on Instagram and tagging Pixite and Assembly. One day Pixite commented and suggested that I try their brand new app called Zinnia. Although the app is mostly subscription based, I had given it a go and I instantly fell head over heels.   

Art journaling has been a goal of mine for  a few years now but the right app had to come along. Zinnia was the app and once I had a play, I knew I would be needing a subscription to enjoy the full benefits. I now have set up a few journals  including a business bullet journal.

The number one thing that I like about Zinnia is all the templates, embellishments and stickers are pre cropped and ready to have text entered. It’s simple enough to use yet complex enough to make high quality pages. Some of the suggested uses include planning, journaling and scrapbooking. I still make my own templates and stickers, but now I’m also making embellishments and washi tapes. I even made my own scrapbook kit! Everything’s now designed to fit Zinnia journals, and are  available to download through my  Google Drive.  

Keep your eyes on my Instagram and Faceboook accounts to see all my Pixite  creations.  

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