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I don’t need make-up to feel pretty

I don’t wear make-up much, I can count on one hand the times I’ve worn it. Jewellery on the other hand, gee, I wear some form of jewellery every day.  Say stuff like Mecca Maxima, MAC or Sephora, I’m lost, but mention brands like Pandora or Thomas Sabo,  I definitely get the vibe.

My first piece of jewellery that I wore regularly was a purple bead bracelet, I felt like I was cool and different.  My day-to-day jewellery is not always sparkly nor is it always visible.  I have a peace sign that is my go-to piece,  the best thing I like about it is that it’s long enough to wear out and short enough to tuck into my shirt if I don’t want people to see it.   Basically, the jewellery I wear is primarily for me, it makes me feel good (even on a day when I’m not feeling ok) and it looks pretty good.

Make-up and fashion buffs have favourite designers, styles and brands.  I have the same but different,  my favourite style is visible but not out-there,  my favourite place to buy day-to-day stuff is Paddy’s Market in Haymarket and my favourite designer is Sydney based designer, Maria Nicola, who’s also a dear friend of mine.  All my other pieces tell a story, like a thick gold chain and filigree locket,  given to me by my Nanna and Aunty when I turned eighteen.

Every single piece of jewellery that I possess represents something in my life.  Whether it’s that lamp that I bought at Aladdin the Musical or my Mickey Mouse circular pendant, everything relates to something that is part of who I am.

As I mentioned earlier,  Maria Nicola is a dear friend and she designed a unique jewellery set, the 10 Way Necklace. It is a necklace which is made up of three pieces, held together with magnetic clasps, which is easy for me to style independently.

You can find out more about Maria’s jewellery at

One day in the future,  I plan to buy magnetic clasps and convert all my necklaces to magnetic clasps, so I can put on my jewellery independently.  Let me tell you, I can’t wait for that day!