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Return To Work With Me!

Last week marked my return to my service provider but I call it work because most days, I am in fact, behind a computer working. Fancy that! I’ve done a bit of work at home and while I am not necessarily in full work mode, I’m constantly thinking about how my workflow can improve and how my social media accounts’ content can engage more customers.  

I have pretty much worked every day since I left school and I have only been off sick, hmmm, let’s see, I can count my sick days on both hands, and I’ve been working ten and a half years now. I also don’t go on holidays for more than a fortnight at a time, even though I had six weeks off to travel the world and three weeks in Tasmania. I have to thank my parents for instilling a good work ethic in me.  

As you can work out from what’s written above, if I am off for an extended period of time, I’m off exploring our wonderful world, probably skiing, watching a family member play hockey or fishing. So, the period of time the I had off was all new to me. I wasn’t away nor was I sick. I was off for two and a half months in total.  

I had talked to one of my medical professionals that I see regularly and they suggested that I make a “return to normality” plan. Then I thought. I came up with an idea of a “return to work” plan, showcasing two of my favourite journaling techniques and a brand I truly believe in. It was simple. I already had all the materials I needed, all I needed was the time to construct the systems of choice.   

Each system has, as with anything, has its pros and cons. One is more of a pretty, showcase one and the other is a functional, complete on-the- fly one. Different types of systems that do the exact same job.  

First, let’s look at the Jenny Gollan Designs DigiBujo system. I am using the app Noteshelf for this, the DigiBujo is a PDF file and you just have to have a PDF annotation app to use it. Jenny has a beautiful selection of fonts and stickers, so I have been able to use stickers from my ‘stash’ to set up the DigiBuJo. Some stickers were just right but needed alterations to make them work the way I want them to. The thing that I particularly like about this system is that it’s unique to your needs etc and is aesthetically pleasing to write and type in. 

How my schedule works in the DigiBuJo.

My other system is a OneNote notebook.  OneNote is a free app by  Microsoft and works on Apple devices as well. I used to OneNote a lot, but I saw this video by Mery from Mom Behind The Computer which showed how to make a planner in OneNote. At that time I was planning to save as much money as possible as I had planned a big (and possibly expensive!) year to make my 30th year Earthside memorable. I will be the first of many people to admit that I have a problem of spending money, especially on stuff I don’t need! I also suppose at that time in my life, this system worked for me and my lifestyle. It is important to remember this was when Coronavirus wasn’t a major issue.  

I also have been watching tutorials with Michele over at One Noteworthy Life to up my OneNote game, where she uses a system based on the original Bullet Journal system by Ryder Carroll.

My schedule in OneNote.

I tend to use my OneNote system a lot more because it’s quick but I wanted to see what would happen if I did it in a DigiBuJo, I had one lying around and so I experimented. I also wanted to show my readers two different methods and techniques. I tend to use the DigiBuJo system when I am not working as much and have the time to sit down and ‘make it pretty’. 

What works for me will not necessarily mean it will work for you and vice versa.   

Whatever system you prefer to use will work, it’s all down to what you find can be tailored best to suit you and your situation. There is no right or wrong, there’s only one thing that matters. YOU!   

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App review: Zinnia Journal

My very first Zinnia page

As most of you are staying in, you probably know how I feel. Sluggish, bored and a bit anxious about what’s going on in our world. How are you keeping busy during this time? I have been flexing my creativity muscles and I have been journaling. At the beginning of this year I started off a OneNote planner  and journal as the system I was using wasn’t as flexible as I needed it to be and I needed to save my money because I was planning an exciting year ahead since I am turning thirty (And now that plan is out of the question ). My requirements changed so my method had to be changed.   

I am an avid user of Pixite apps, especially Assembly. I was making all my templates and stickers myself to use in  OneNote, I was posting my stuff on Instagram and tagging Pixite and Assembly. One day Pixite commented and suggested that I try their brand new app called Zinnia. Although the app is mostly subscription based, I had given it a go and I instantly fell head over heels.   

Art journaling has been a goal of mine for  a few years now but the right app had to come along. Zinnia was the app and once I had a play, I knew I would be needing a subscription to enjoy the full benefits. I now have set up a few journals  including a business bullet journal.

The number one thing that I like about Zinnia is all the templates, embellishments and stickers are pre cropped and ready to have text entered. It’s simple enough to use yet complex enough to make high quality pages. Some of the suggested uses include planning, journaling and scrapbooking. I still make my own templates and stickers, but now I’m also making embellishments and washi tapes. I even made my own scrapbook kit! Everything’s now designed to fit Zinnia journals, and are  available to download through my  Google Drive.  

Keep your eyes on my Instagram and Faceboook accounts to see all my Pixite  creations.  

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What’s been happening + ambassadorship

Hey, I’m still here but I apologise for the lack of material being published. I have been doing so much work, and I have run out of time to get posts written and published. I have been really into my planning and journaling, which leads me to the news I want to share.

I have been working as an ambassador for Jenny Gollan Designs, the company that I get my journaling supplies through. I am part of a global team of ladies who share my passion for creativity and art. I have learned so much about many different things while doing something that I love. I love the fact that I can be a brand ambassador for a product that has basically changed my life for the better.

My DigiBuJo is a mix of functional journaling and planning and scrapbooking/memory keeping. I do have a background in general craft specialising in papercraft and scrapbooking, so I have taken the techniques I’ve learned on paper into the digital world and so far most techniques work the same, if not better.  The best thing about it is the fact that I don’t have to rely on somebody to be “my hands” and dictate what I want done.  Now I can do craft, planning and journaling completely unaided which has been only a pipe dream until recently.

Want to put the Jenny Gollan Designs range of journals, planners, Procreate brushes,  fonts and other delicious products to the test? Hop on the Jenny Gollan Designs Etsy store and use KAITYCOUPON to get 20% off

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September Challenge – Monthly Overview

If you are a regular reader,  you know I have set myself a daily planning challenge for the month of September to see if daily planning is something I could do full-time.

I MADE IT!  I COMPLETED MY SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE. In this post, I will be analysing my efforts, what I learned and what I would do differently if I had my time over again.  There also will be a special announcement at the end.

My efforts:

I think I did extremely well, considering my disability.  I have trouble sticking to stuff for an extended period of time so the odds weren’t stacked in my favour.  I did do it daily for a week or two, then things came up unexpectedly and I had to step back because life got a bit tough and my anxiety levels needed urgent attention,,  so I had to take it easy.  However, I was adamant I had to complete my daily planning challenge, to prove to myself that I can do daily planning full-time, whatever life throws at me.

What I would change if I had my time over again?

I wouldn’t change much, but I would definitely change the layout.  I would do it in portrait so  I could not only plan my day but document anything special that happened that day eg: I achieved something or did something really fun because sometimes I need to look back to remember how ridiculously amazing my life is and how lucky I am.


I have noticed that people who make planners, journals and digital supplies, are charging ridiculous amounts of money for stuff that isn’t physical.  I totally understand why, because they’re time-consuming and gorgeous, but I can’t really afford or justify to spend the money because I’m not rich and  I know note-taking apps cost around $14.  I wanted to make digital planning and journaling accessible to everybody regardless of their financial position and I wanted to share all the resources I make with others in my position.  Enter the Lifestyle With Kaity Google Drive, jam-packed with digital planning and journaling resources that are free to use.  The only repayment I want is a photo of YOUR interpretations of my templates so I can share them on social media. Click here to go to my dedicated Digital Planning and Journaling page!

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September Challenge: Week 4

If you are a regular reader,  you know I have set myself a daily planning challenge for the month of September to see if daily planning is something I could do full-time.


I seriously cannot believe we are a few days from October. September has absolutely flown by and I can happily say my daily planner has every day documented and I got a sense of achievement of doing something for a whole month!  I will post a separate post analysing the September Challenge because I have loads of stuff to discuss. Which brings me to this week’s tip!


Routine.  You don’t necessarily need a planning routine, take it from me, things don’t always go to plan. I try to dedicate every second day to plan days in advance or document the days I forgot.  So don’t stress if you don’t pay attention to your planner every single day.  I don’t. If you do, well done.  Planning is meant to be enjoyable and fun, so loosen up and be yourself so your planner and/or journal is a true reflection of who you are.

Stay tuned for a full monthly analysis of the September Challenge,  plus a special announcement!  COMING SOON!

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September Challenge: Week 3

If you are a regular reader,  you know I have set myself a daily planning challenge for the month of September to see if daily planning is something I could do full-time.

Let’s explore what week 3 looked like


I have been a bit under the weather but the challenge must go on! I have been forgetting to fill out the daily planner and my planner is looking extremely sad. I have only been using Bitmoji just to add some colour so that my planner is not as bare as Mrs Hubbard’s Cupboard. I have been filling in the daily planner of a nighttime, which leads us to this week’s tip.


Relax! Don’t panic if you are behind a few days, even great people make mistakes! This planning gig is a bit of fun and nobody will see you scrawling the day’s details at night when you are in your pink pyjamas.  So I guess this week’s message is that you can stuff up, you can be late, you can leave it undecorated, you can even ignore it but journaling is always going to be there – when you need it most.

Below are a few screenshots of my daily planner and as usual, if you want a copy of the template, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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September Challenge Update 2

If you are a regular reader,  you know I have set myself a daily planning challenge for the month of September to see if daily planning is something I could do full-time.


Week 2 has been a busy yet productive week, and today is my birthday so my planners have a birthday/celebratory theme going on!  Streamers, party hats and a beautiful birthday cake adorn the pages, all handmade, especially for this week.  I’ve always loved celebrations even though I’m not much of a party person, and especially my birthday.  So I made my own stickers in Assembly, my favourite graphic design app and even though they’re quite simple, they, along with everything I make from scratch, are made with love.,


A planner should be a reflection of who you are and what you stand for.  It might be plain or decorated, a simple artwork or a show-stopping masterpiece!  I am in a few Facebook groups where people turn their planners into works of art, each and every week, they always make my mouth drop in amazement and I’d admit, I sometimes get jealous because they’re so gorgeous.  But I’m a firm believer in being authentic and standing out from the crowd, without making a huge fuss,  so most weeks I leave my planners decorated in Bitmojis and stickers I’ve premade.

Below are a few screenshots of my daily planner and if you want a copy of the template, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ve also included a screenshot of my birthday themed weekly spread!



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Budget Conscious Journaling And Planning

As I disclosed in my previous post, I am not that rich but digital planning and journaling can be costly. Kits, templates, pre-made journals and stickers can cost a lot of money and rightly so because they are very time consuming as well as being oh so gorgeous. I am lucky enough to have a flair for graphic design so I make the majority of my materials myself and if I can’t make it, I find an alternative.

I recently purchased my first lot of materials from Etsy, digital binder rings from Jenny Gollan, a Sydney based artist. I felt so good, I finally was helping a designer instead of imitating. I definitely feel very bad that I have to make nearly everything that I don’t have the money to buy. I know it’s wrong to take ideas from other people but I love the digital craze and I want to keep up with the Jones’.

My monthly, weekly and daily planners are nothing special, they are extremely bland compared to the spreads I see on social media. I use black and white because let’s face it, it goes with everything and I can use any colour I want to type with as well as use decorations of any colour.

Here is a short list of YouTube channels that I learn techniques from:

Everyday Awesome TV

The Mom Behind The Computer

Boho Berry

Life Is Messy And Brilliant

Jenny Gollan Designs

All these channels use different apps and I hope to touch on some of my personal favourites in a future post.

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September Challenge Update 1

As I wrote in last week’s post, I have set myself a daily planning challenge for the month of September to see if daily planning is something I could do full-time.

Week 1:

I actually started the challenge before September even started. I made my daily planning template in the last week of August and set up everything the night before in ZoomNotes, the app I use for journaling. The reason I did this is so I could just get planning as soon as the first of September rolled around.

I have been planning my days in advance, so I can swipe to the day and know what needs to be done in an instant. Another reason why I do this is I am a serial offender of missing days and I have a problem with that.


Don’t feel like you have to plan the day on the day. One day, the night before or a couple of days in advance is A-OK. Don’t be afraid to do your own thing – this is not a competition, your planner is your business.

Below are a few screenshots of my daily planner and if you want a copy of the template, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Digital Planning + Journaling made easy!

Hi friends,

I LOVE my iPad!  I use it for nearly everything, but there is one thing above all else that I just can’t get enough of… digital planning and journaling.

Now,  I’m not the most organised person on Earth – no matter If I picture myself as organized.  I am not disciplined enough to do daily spreads, schedules or what not.  I  mostly keep a weekly spread (When I remember!)  and I suppose it keeps me grounded and I can’t argue with what’s written on it,  I have to do whatever it says.  But I have decided to give dailies  (as the digital planning and journaling Facebook groups call daily planners) a go for the month of September.

I have made a very simple black and white daily template to work with, to match my weekly and monthly planners.  I have named each of them, My Month, My Week and My Day,  respectfully.  I’ve chosen to put a dot grid (with low opacity so it doesn’t clash) as the background.  I make all my own digital stickers (I am not rich, so nearly everything I use, except fonts, is home-made.) and just get free fonts to use.

Then I thought some more, and I thought people who are disabled, tech-savvy or can’t write neatly, would like to learn to plan and journal the digital way.  If there are a few people wanting to learn, I will do something. If you already know how you may like to join me in my daily planning challenge for September!

If you are interested in learning about either digital planning and journaling or joining me in the September Challenge please message my Facebook page and let’s chat!