Fast Fiction: The Purple Haired Princess

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who had a very big problem. A problem with the colour purple, all shades, all hues. She loved purple, even dying her beautiful brown locks to match. She was beautiful, in her own way and she didn’t care what people thought, all she cared about was standing out because she was sick of trying to fit in! Her friends loved purple too, even their Facebook chat bubbles were purple!

Basically, the princess who had hair of purple, everything that was purple was hers or had dibs.

The princess, who possessed everything she wanted (in purple, of course!), was happy. She didn’t have a man, even though she did have a guy friend that she thought the world of. Even though they lived hours apart, she in her tiny purple castle and he in his flat overlooking the beach, they were close. Anytime that the princess visited the big city, she would catch up with her special guy, and every moment they spent together they were happy, laughing, smiling and looking into each other’s eyes – his blue into her brown.

The princess was talented, penning stories and tales, composing artworks and doing photography. She had many admirers. But nothing, not even the lure of a book deal, could break the bond between the purple haired maiden and her guy. They were stuck together, like glue.

People in the princess’ own kingdom, where she presided over, were jealous about her jaunts with the guy who made her heart light as he was tall, strong and handsome, as well as very sweet. The happy pair met four years earlier on a dance floor when they were both younger and the princess had what she longed for – her first dance with a boy. She treasured that memory like a diamond or pearl, and she smiled each time she thought of it!

Nobody could foresee the unique bond would last for as long as it has, it is becoming stronger every day and people are amazed how strong the bond is. No matter how far apart they are or for how long, they are still going strong.

This may sound like a complete fairytale, but it’s not. This is real stuff (plus some imaginary licence), the young lady really has purple hair, and the guy really is a gentleman! Their names are Kaity and Robbie.