Disney – the miniseries: part 1 – Beginning

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t into Disney. I was given a Mickey Mouse plush toy when I was about one by my mother and he became my best friend, going to and from daycare and preschool then my first weeks at Big School. He was my pacifier , security blanket and number one playmate. Mickey went wherever I went, and if he was forgotten, all hell broke loose .

I was five when I went to Disney On Ice for the first time, on a school night in a circus tent in the middle of the carpark of what was Marathon Stadium. I don’t remember much, because I fell asleep and my only memory is being carried out afterwards, waking up on Mum’s shoulder. So from then on, it was daytime sessions only. Tickets weren’t cheap, so that would be my major outing for the year, and merchandise wasn’t cheap either so instead of pocket money, I got a program and a toy if I behaved myself leading up to Disney On Ice.

By the time I was ten, Disney was an obsession, I had every video, knew every song and had everything I wanted. By the time I was thirteen, I was starting to get edgy if I was denied anything Disney and cried when Disney On Ice finished, because this meant that it was over and Mickey was going to another city, far away from me.

Teenage years were difficult, because I developed mood swings and Disney wasn’t ‘cool’ so I felt isolated. People called me a baby, I found school very lonely and I cannot tell you how many attempts to smuggle Mickey into my bag to accompany me in those dark days.

I liked my life, I had everything I wanted and didn’t give two hoots about what other people thought. In the next instalment, I will explain my lows and my bad behaviour surrounding Disney.

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I don’t need make-up to feel pretty

I don’t wear make-up much, I can count on one hand the times I’ve worn it. Jewellery on the other hand, gee, I wear some form of jewellery every day.  Say stuff like Mecca Maxima, MAC or Sephora, I’m lost, but mention brands like Pandora or Thomas Sabo,  I definitely get the vibe.

My first piece of jewellery that I wore regularly was a purple bead bracelet, I felt like I was cool and different.  My day-to-day jewellery is not always sparkly nor is it always visible.  I have a peace sign that is my go-to piece,  the best thing I like about it is that it’s long enough to wear out and short enough to tuck into my shirt if I don’t want people to see it.   Basically, the jewellery I wear is primarily for me, it makes me feel good (even on a day when I’m not feeling ok) and it looks pretty good.

Make-up and fashion buffs have favourite designers, styles and brands.  I have the same but different,  my favourite style is visible but not out-there,  my favourite place to buy day-to-day stuff is Paddy’s Market in Haymarket and my favourite designer is Sydney based designer, Maria Nicola, who’s also a dear friend of mine.  All my other pieces tell a story, like a thick gold chain and filigree locket,  given to me by my Nanna and Aunty when I turned eighteen.

Every single piece of jewellery that I possess represents something in my life.  Whether it’s that lamp that I bought at Aladdin the Musical or my Mickey Mouse circular pendant, everything relates to something that is part of who I am.

As I mentioned earlier,  Maria Nicola is a dear friend and she designed a unique jewellery set, the 10 Way Necklace. It is a necklace which is made up of three pieces, held together with magnetic clasps, which is easy for me to style independently.

You can find out more about Maria’s jewellery at https://marianicola.com/

One day in the future,  I plan to buy magnetic clasps and convert all my necklaces to magnetic clasps, so I can put on my jewellery independently.  Let me tell you, I can’t wait for that day!


Easter Show – why I go every year

I have been going to the Sydney Royal Easter Show for a few years and I sometimes get asked why I go for three days every year. Nearly everyone goes on an annual holiday, and the Easter Show is my annual getaway, mostly with my friends. I always have loads of fun and lots of laughter is shared.

I stay in a nearby budget hotel, and I am a member of the Royal Agricultural Society, which may sound expensive but the joy it brings outweighs the money I outlay. My membership benefits include unlimited entry and reserve seats in each area.

It’s like a mini community, regular stall holders, entertainers and Show patrons develop friendships, you come across visitors from all walks of life and somehow, in the midst of the busyness – everyone gels together. Kindness gets kindness, friendliness gets friendliness and everyone is on a level playing field. Nobody is above anybody else, and I feel like I belong.

That feeling is sensational, especially for a person with a disability.

Being a creative, I also use this time to network with people who inspire my work and share my work with my friends who I meet. Last year was the first year I networked and it was a split second decision and I absolutely loved it. This year I came prepared, I bought a few copies of my children’s book to distribute to my friends to just say thanks for your friendship etc. I truly believe that if someone gives you something, even if it’s just the time of day, you should give them something back to reciprocate their actions.

I will be blogging about this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show in the next post as well as a post on Life + Style showcasing a product I’m absolutely in love with that I bought, as I am positive you will love it and want to buy one as well!


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The injury that made me change my lifestyle


I was having trouble walking and I was having falls, one day I fell over and my ankle wasn’t right. I went to the physio the day after and I had sprained my ankle and my calf was pretty damaged from my walking over the years. I was very very sorry for myself and I was wondering would I ever walk again? To keep busy whilst stranded in an armchair or sofa, I started reading books to keep my mind off the injury. I used to love reading as a child, using it again to escape the world. Then I stopped, and I don’t know why. It’s the worst thing I’ve done.

I continued to practice yoga and meditation throughout the whole ordeal, to keep me fit and somewhat healthy. I was going to physio once a week for several weeks until my calf was healed and then, I started to think about getting a walking frame to help me walk. The walking frame is now on order. When I get it, I hope to get fit and get moving again.

Reading has become an essential part of my day, especially my mornings. I used to turn my iPad on as soon as I opened my eyes, but now I have made a decision to not turn on my iPad before I have breakfast and opting to omit my 7:30 sleep in for a 30-minute read. I’m now getting out of bed in a much better frame of mind and I’m pretty content with life.

Reading and exercising used to be my nemesis but now they are my friends.