My Top Ten

My Top Ten: Obsessions


    1. Disney – in particular, Mickey Mouse.
    2. Music – you deny me my headphones, we aren’t friends.
    3. YouTube – I love watching TV shows from my childhood, tutorials and music videos.
    4. Yoga – a Monday ritual.
    5. Chocolate – it’s amazing how a little brown edible rectangle can provide so much happiness.
    6. My iTunes account – has to always have credit in it and I keep topping it up, so it constantly has at least $20 credit in it.
    7. Bags – I’m a woman, what do you expect?
    8. Morning Cuppa – A simple little cup of tea after breakfast makes a big difference
    9. Reading and writing –  reading is how I relax, and writing is how I communicate best
    10. My imagination – for me, creativity is the essence of life and how I escape the world around me
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My Top Ten: Things I can’t live without


    1. My family and friends – my family and friends keep me honest, truthful and positive
    2. My music – music motivates me,  provides a secure environment when I’m anxious and makes me happy when I don’t feel myself.
    3. Mickey Mouse – a stuffed toy I’ve had since I can remember and he has been by my side through everything,.
    4. My memories – the most potent thing I possess, gets me through the most desperate of times.
    5. The Nineties – my favourite decade, I love everything about The Nineties especially the cool tunes they left us with.
    6. Technology – I have benefited so much from having an iPad, iPhone and Mac, it has connected me to the world and made my life easier.
    7. Tea and chocolate – without these,  I am a cranky monster and trust me, it’s not a pretty sight!
    8. Books – I love to snuggle up with a good book,  especially in winter in front of a fire.
    9. Winter – my favourite season, cold weather is a perfect time to eat slow cooked meals, snuggle under a cosy blanket and go skiing.
    10. Travelling – I went to the UK and US in late 2015, and it changed my life for the better.