My Story


Growing up having Cerebral Palsy, I occupied myself playing pretend and making up stories that would lead me to far away places! My family always believed that I would spend my days writing, painting and creating and by the magic of technology I’m doing what I absolutely love each and every day! My iPad is my constant travel companion and my imagination, my shadow. When ideas strike, I’m always ready to put ideas into action!

I’m interested in art, photography and living life to it’s fullest potential. This website has been created to document my journey, my stories and my creative skills. I love to write,  fiction is my speciality, but I’m a keen writer, so I am willing to try different genres.  I will mostly consist of stories about my thoughts, being different and what I do.  I don’t see myself as disabled, I like to think of myself as a person in a body that doesn’t work correctly.

I enjoy live entertainment, hanging out with my friends and travelling.  I am also interested in reading, yoga and meditation as this is what I do when I’m not using technology, developing a relative healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Since I have reduced speech, writing is my way of not only of communicating, but entertaining and informing my community.  Trust me, if I could chatter clearly, life would be almost perfect!

Wait, it would be perfect if I had clear speech, unlimited money and a BIG passport!